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epsilon; an arbitrarily small quantity
artes; techniques

... Welcome to Epsilon Artes, a small graphics community between friends.

Posters are:
mythallic - currently doing episodely icon posts for Bleach, as well as other random icons
magnion_arts - currently watching Bleach
kaiz0r - currently watching Bleach, Heroes, Prisonbreak, Supernatural, 24, Lost

This community is our effort to increase our Photoshopping skills while sharing some things we're proud or fond of. This is a closed membership community, so if you like what we do, feel free to watch us for updates.


₪ - Credit isn't necessary, but we really love comments to know what people enjoy about our work, or which pieces they like.
₪ - If you do credit, credit to epsilon_artes.
₪ - Some textless icons are not bases -- look out for what the poster says! Chances are, if we neglect to mention something about bases, they are not bases.
₪ - Enjoy!~


₪ - 95% of the time, all screencaps in our icons are done by us. If they haven't been, we've made sure to give credit in our posts.
₪ - All of our resources for textures and brushes can be found at the Resource page.
₪ - Because of mythallic's inability with HTML and CSS, this layout is from premade_ljs.